Sean McPheat Is Named As A Top Sales Influencer In 2012

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It’s Sean’s Marketing Manager Louise here today. I thought I’d pop by today as I have some interesting news about Sean McPheat.

Sean has been named as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers For 2012, which he is obviously thrilled about. The list has been produced by OpenView Labs, who have named their list of top influential sales leaders of today – and Sean has been put forward as an authority on lead generation and modern day selling.

Sean shares the limelight with the likes of The Sales Blog’s author Anthony Iannarino, thought leader Sharon Drew Morgan and best-selling author Jill Konrath. Sean has been tipped as an expert in his field and named as being one to look out for in 2012, so make sure you keep up to date with Sean’s blog this year to get your  fix of expert sales and marketing knowledge from the man in the know.

Happy marketing!


Louise Denny

Marketing Manager

Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat left the corporate world when he was 30 and risked it all to “See if he could cut it as an entrepreneur”. He’s been a serial entrepreneur ever since! Sean now owns several online and offline businesses in addition to one of the most successful management and sales development organisations within the UK. Sean is a bestselling author and founder and MD of international training firm MTD Training. Sean has been referred to in the media as a thought leader within the sales, maketing and busines improvement industry, and has been featured on CNN International, the BBC, ITV, The Guardian and in big name magazines such as Arena Magazine, Marketing Weekly and Business Zone.

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