Print Media Campaigns and How to Make Them Effective

Traditional marketing avenues are not getting the attention that they have in the past with all of the new areas to exploit online.  However, there are some solid benefits to traditional methods like print media.  Trade magazines and local newspapers are still good places to advertise, provided you are careful about where you spend your money.  In fact, with the growth of online markets, printed media is less expensive than ever, and can reach a very targeted audience.

How to Choose Your Mediums

The first thing to do when looking at printed media is to research readership demographics.  For things like local advertising where you are only looking to engage consumers in your direct area, community newsletters or local papers and guides are a great place to advertise.  If you are looking for a larger coverage area, there are national papers.  For more industry specific targets, magazines are often the best bet.  Trade magazines in specific are a great place to advertise business to business.

Choosing Your Advertisements

Most printed media have several options available when it comes to advertisements.  You will need to debate the value of colour versus black and white, size and placement.  In newspapers, classified ads can be a way to really stretch your marketing budget, but if you have the money to run a more comprehensive campaign, ads placed in the sports, financial and political sections often have the most effectiveness.  Colour definitely draws more interest, but a black, white and red advertisement offers a nice compromise.  The red, or other single colour, can be used to draw the eye to your ad, without the expense of a full colour layout.  Magazines usually include colour printing in the price, so it really becomes an issue of size.  The more ads you buy, the less you pay for each individual advertisement.  Consider buying in bulk to get the best price.

Designing Your Ad

Remember to keep it simple.  The more information you try to pack into a single advertisement, the more difficult it is for readers to respond favourably.  A clear and direct message is best, for any printed medium.

The print may not have the same readership it did a decade ago, but many people still take the time to crack open the paper in the morning, particularly on the weekend.  Do not ignore the potential of a well-designed, clearly directed and strategically placed print ad.

Happy marketing!


Sean McPheat

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