The True Power Of Article Marketing

The True Power of Article Marketing

Article marketing may seem like it is a time consuming method of Internet marketing compared to others, but it is a more powerful method than most. Article marketing is most cost effective (read: FREE) than most other marketing methods while at the same time giving you the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

First of all, we must consider the power of the written word. You have already won the first half of the battle if you are an authority on a given subject and have the ability to articulate your expertise in a manner that allows people to trust you. People will continue to repeatedly visit a source of information that they trust. The higher the quality of your writing, the more trustworthy you will appear, resulting in more targeted web traffic.

Article marketing has opened the Internet up to a variety of entrepreneurs and webmasters. Individuals looking to simply share information use articles to drive traffic to their blogs while those looking to make product sales will drive visitors back to their informational sales pages. Regardless of your purpose, “content is king,” and an article is going to grab an individual’s attention faster than any other form of marketing.

I recently read an article about a man who had never heard of article marketing. He had two websites, one with a Google Page Rank of 2 and the other with a Google Page Rank of 3. Those aren’t exactly terrible page ranks to start with, but as a marketer he had begun to feel as though he had hit a plateau.

A friend introduced him to the concept of article marketing and the man began writing feverishly. After only a few short weeks he saw his page rank numbers jump and now, after a year, he is the proud owner of websites with Google Page Ranks of 5 and 6. That’s a tremendous improvement over only a short period of time and he attributes it all to the power of article marketing!

In order to understand just how powerful this method was, you must remember three things:

• First, the links within the articles themselves created backlinks that were considered when calculating Google PageRank.

• Second, the articles themselves drove traffic to his website.

• Third, the visitors to his website created backlinks, subscribed to his newsletters, and shared his website with others. This means the search engines are now sending even more traffic unrelated to the article marketing campaign.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of just how powerful article marketing can be. Your strategy begins with a simple article, but quickly branches out to touch the Internet in ways you might not have originally anticipated.

Good luck!

Happy Article Marketing!


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