Top 25 Most Creative Bios On Twitter

We’ve all heard about the explosion of Twittermania!

Well, there are a lot of creative people amongst Twitter users!

Here’s “The Top 25 Most Creative Bios On Twitter”


***Insert Witty Remark Here – thus causing people to think you are an amusing genius***


Every now and then I announce “I know you’re listening” to empty rooms


Who knows more about love than an orge? Just trust me…


My name is Jason… I am bald… the end


I was named after a mythological being .. how would you feel?


Thumb wrestling champ in 52 states. Banana split stealer. I also help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while working less.


Speaker, Author, Communications expert and mind reader….. Oh really?…yeah I thought that too…Ok, I will prove it…You’re gonna click on the link above…


One over serious but really silly business casual online offline inline out-a-line friendly neighborhood kung-fu pianist CEO AKA “The Magnificent Guy!


Will philosophize for food


Having a brain doesn’t necessarily mean you should use it… And I’m NOT the guy from Sesame Street! Please send me an @ & I’ll respond!


If someone is Twittering alone in the forest, and nobody else is there to receive the tweet, is it just a 140 character blog?


If there’s a pink elephant hiding in the closet we are going to dig it out and discuss!


A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed


Empty nesting middle-aged spiritually questing married woman – trying to remember who she is


Former social media user who got sick of it all when I was banned at Digg in 2007. Now I’m back.


The Coolest Geek You’ll Ever Meet – I’ll Help U Bling Your Blog and Make Your Social Web Sexy!


I’m everything you’re not…the bad stuff too. LOL


Refreshingly common sensical with an inerudite swagger. What you got? I am here to learn. #tfree


I am a confused philanthropist who is continually battling his desire for money and obsession with materialistic value


Pro-Surfer, Pickup Artist, Internet Entrepreneur, Night Life Guru. #1 Twitterer in Hawaii. Come inside the crazy world of CJ, if you can handle it.


There’s one thing, just one thing that is the secret to life. Tweet me what it is. I’ll tweet you if I find out first.


My kids are named whiteport, wild irish rose, seagrams 7, old style classic draft, cisco, and mad dog2020


Freedom 55 minus 2, menopausal, overweight, in debt, jobless. Retirement income not based on experience. Too tired to start over. This is My Turning Point!



Am I really supposed to describe myself? How shallow… decide for yourself who I am



I’ll use my Jedi Mind Tricks to make you click the link above…ready? ummmm. (This is mine! So ok, I’ve changed mine since then!)

My current one is:

Sales Authority, Serial Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer. Loves A Deal & Starting New Ventures. Sleep? Nah, Plenty Of Time For That When I’m 6 Foot Under!

(Well, come on! I thought mine should have been #1 so to be in at #25 aint that bad!)

Know of any others? Please leave a comment below.

Happy Tweeting!


Sean McPheat

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2 thoughts on “Top 25 Most Creative Bios On Twitter

  1. Great collection of fun & some brilliance in 160 characters or less(twitter bios give you 20 more than tweets to play with!).

    Brought a smile to my face and some new minds to follow…

  2. Really? The MOST creative bios on Twitter? That probably explains why, as much as I hate facebook, I go there more than Twitter 10 to 1. This one made the top 25.

    “Am I really supposed to describe myself? How shallow… decide for yourself who I am.” Yes that’s where we are in the world of clever. A pubescent retort in the school lunch room makes it on the list. Hemingway would be envious.

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