What are Your Unique Selling Points?

What am I talking about when I ask about your “unique selling points?”

If you have to ask yourself that question than you have some serious work to do before you can go out and begin selling your products or services. A product without a unique selling point is – well – just another face in a sea of products.

A unique selling point, also sometimes referred to simply as a USP or unique sales proposition, is something that sets your product apart from the crowd. It makes your product special. It makes your product seem better than the ones put out by your competitors.

Here are some examples of unique selling points:

  • Your product is of the same quality but has a significantly lower price tag than the ones sold by your competitors.
  • You are able to produce a smaller (or larger, depending on the product) version of the product, making it easier or more advantageous.
  • Your product might have extra features or functions that your competitors are not able to offer.
  • You may have the ability to give your customers a wider variety of aesthetic options (color, etc).

These things may not all seem significant but when a consumer is looking for the “perfect product” to add to his collection they are all things he’ll consider. Knowing what your unique selling points are will enable you to target specific audiences and, in turn, increase the liklihood of making a sale.

Take the time to learn about your products. Otherwise, you’ll simply be grasping for straws!



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